white funeral flowers next to a casket

A Guide to Common Funeral Flowers

The History of Funeral Flowers

Since the Victorian era, condolences and sympathy have been expressed through funeral flowers. In fact, the language of funeral flowers is called floriography! Each flower and arrangement has its own meaning, and choosing the right funeral flower arrangement can send a specific message to a grieving family.

1. Roses

Roses are perhaps the most popular funeral flower and come in many different colors and varieties. Red roses symbolize love, while white roses represent purity and innocence. Yellow roses convey condolences, and pink roses represent appreciation. When you send roses to those grieving, it can depict your love and support for them during a difficult time.

2. Lilies

Lilies are one of the most popular funeral flowers, with various colors. To friends and family in the grieving process, lilies can represent the return to innocence after death and the purity of the soul. More specifically, white lilies can symbolize the deceased's innocence, while pink lilies convey sympathy, wealth, and prosperity.

3. Orchids

Orchids are also popular funeral flowers and come in many colors. Giving orchids symbolizes admiration, respect, and charm to those who have passed away. Additionally, orchids can also show strength and beauty in the face of adversity to those that are grieving.

4. Peonies

Peonies are a popular funeral flower in California and symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and long life. To the grieving family, peonies typically are given when the deceased is loved and respected by many.

5. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are typical funeral flowers in California and come in many different colors. White chrysanthemums represent innocence and grief, while yellow chrysanthemums convey sympathy. Red chrysanthemums signify love, and purple chrysanthemums represent royalty. When you give the chrysanthemums gift, you showcase your support for the grieving family.

6. Carnations

Carnations are common funeral flowers, and each color has its own meaning. Red carnations symbolize love, while white represent purity and innocence; pink carnations signify gratitude, and yellow carnations convey sympathy. To the grieving family, carnations express that you are thinking of them during this difficult time.

7. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas come in a variety of colors and symbols. When you send white hydrangeas, you represent the innocence and purity of those that have passed; when you gift blue hydrangeas, you are showing your understanding of the sorrow that comes with loss and signifying gratitude to the deceased. And if you want to send sincere sympathy or deep regret to those grieving, pink and purple hydrangeas will be an appropriate option.

Picking the Right Funeral Flowers

When choosing funeral flowers, it's essential to consider the meaning of each type of flower. You should also consider your relationship with the deceased and the message you want to convey to the grieving family. If you're still unsure which funeral flower arrangement to send, you can always consult with a florist. They will be able to help you choose the right funeral flowers for your loved one.

How Flowers Can Help the Grief Process

While funeral flowers may seem like a small gesture, they can significantly impact the grieving process. In times of sorrow, flowers have been shown to improve moods and provide comfort, and they can also help ease the pain of grief. Additionally, funeral flowers bring some semblance of peace during a time of great sadness. They can show the grieving family that it is entirely normal to be vulnerable during this time of difficulty.

If you are considering sending funeral flowers, know that you are doing something that can genuinely help the grieving family during their time of need!

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