Catholic Funeral Services in Livermore

Our Livermore Funeral Home Helps Catholic Families

There are more than 51 million adults practicing Catholicism in the United States. Our Livermore funeral home is happy to help families who are following one of the most practiced religions in the country. Catholic funerals provide family members of the deceased an opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones while celebrating their lives and God’s forgiveness. The Vigil, Mass and prayers held during a Catholic funeral can help family members say goodbye to their loved ones while adhering to their most cherished beliefs.

At Callaghan Mortuary & Livermore Crematory, we offer funeral services that adhere to the tenants of Catholicism. Although our Livermore funeral home works with all Christian denominations, we have decades of experience working with the local Clergy and Catholic families.

A Life Well Lived is a Life Well Celebrated

When death presents itself to your family, you can have faith in us. Our Livermore mortuary will be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so reach out for a complimentary consultation. Let us help you plan the funeral your loved one deserves.

Planning a Catholic Funeral

catholic churchPlanning a funeral can be a difficult process, especially if you and your loved ones are still grieving. It helps to work with a funeral home, whether you are planning a Catholic funeral or a funeral that does not adhere to a religious tradition.

Callaghan Mortuary & Livermore Crematory can help take care of your loved one’s remains, prepare the body for burial or cremation, and coordinate transportation to a consecrated cemetery. Additionally, we can help you select a casket or burial urn that best suits your loved one’s last wishes. Our funeral home also works directly with the Clergy and has for many years.

We also offer cremation and burial options for both adults and children. Due to both being common options for Catholic families, we offer both options at our Livermore funeral home. You can find more information about the options listed below on our price list:

  • Traditional Funeral Services
  • Funeral Service
  • Graveside Service
  • Burial With Family Viewing

We believe it is extremely important for families from all walks of life to be able to say goodbye to their loved ones in any way they see fit. Whether you are wealthy or poor, our Livermore funeral home can help.

Catholic Funeral Traditions

Some families hold funerals in Catholic churches, but our funeral home can also hold these services. Catholic priests or deacons oversee the funeral process, where they lead prayer and rites to guide the deceased person’s pathway into God’s kingdom. You can choose the priest or deacon who oversees your church to guide this process.

Our Livermore funeral home has decades of experience working with Catholic families, and we know that visitation is important. During visitation, you have time to say goodbye to your loved one and pray for their soul before the funeral occurs. Your family will have time to come together and discuss your loved one’s life. While visitation is important, there are other aspects of the process that our Livermore funeral home can help with.

Contact Us for Catholic Funeral Planning in Livermore

We can help you and your family plan the funeral process, from visitation, to holding a mass, to placing your loved one’s remains in their final resting place. Callaghan Mortuary & Livermore Crematory can help your family during this difficult time. We believe it is important for your family to have a wide variety of options that can fulfill your loved one’s wishes.

You can learn more about how we can help with the funeral planning process by contacting us. Call us at (925) 492-7500 or use the contact form on our website.

Specific Catholic Funeral Traditions

We understand that Catholic funerals symbolize Jesus Christ’s life on Earth and his resurrection. In addition to visitation, Callaghan Mortuary & Livermore Crematory can help with planning for:

  • The Vigil. Our funeral home can host the Vigil for you and your family. As the first part of the Catholic funeral process, the Vigil is generally held right before the Mass. During this ceremony, the priest or deacon leads prayers and readings from scripture.
  • The Catholic funeral Mass. If you choose to have a Mass, we can assist with the planning process. Our funeral home has decades of experience working with local Clergy. We can hold The Liturgy of the Word ceremony at our funeral home or at the gravesite.
  • Words of remembrance. We can coordinate communication with your family and Clergy to decide who will speak at the funeral.
  • The Committal. During the Committal, we lay your loved one’s remains to rest at the burial site or in a consecrated mausoleum. Our funeral home has long-standing relationships with local cemeteries.
  • Post-funeral gatherings. You may choose to have a reception after the funeral. Depending on your individual needs, we can host a reception or luncheon after the ceremony occurs.

What Sets Us Apart

The Callaghan Mortuary & Livermore Crematory Difference
  • A History of Handling All the Details

    With an easy location to find, plenty of parking, an onsite crematory, a newly renovated reception hall, and the ability to handle all funeral arrangements online, our team prides itself on making this difficult situation as smooth as possible.

  • A History of Honoring Your Traditions

    We comply with all California and federal regulations while still appreciating your traditions and values, yet we still pride ourselves on innovation. We go the extra mile to ensure your values and traditions are kept.

  • A History Of Honoring Your Loved Ones

    Established in 1906, our mortuary has been family-owned and operated for the past 113 years. We are a full-service funeral home dedicated to honoring your loved ones as if they were our own.