Person touching a casket and holding flowers

How to Maintain Social Distancing While Conducting a Funeral

The coronavirus has caused us to rethink many aspects of our everyday lives. For example, restaurants may not operate at full capacity for quite some time. Additionally, funeral services and visitations will have to change. Even as the California economy begins to reopen, social distancing will need to occur. Here are some ways that you can maintain social distancing while conducting a funeral.

Honoring the Dead During COVID-19

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, funeral homes will need to modify their services. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released guidelines to help people honor the dead safely. Their recommendations include:

  • Limiting the attendance at funerals
  • Taking advantage of technology when planning a funeral or ceremony
  • Practicing social distancing when holding in-person services
  • Modifying funeral rites and rituals

Contact Our Livermore Mortuary for Help Planning a Funeral

Are you planning a funeral during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, then it is important to take precautions when planning and holding funeral services and visitations. Doing so can help prevent the virus from spreading.

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